For my money that can only mean Michael N. Cohen!  And now he has a blog, giving it away for free like the rest of us, called TRADEMARK BLOG OF THE TRADEMARK LAWYER’S MIND.

Michael N. Cohen, Trademark Attorney
Do you mind?

Okay, it’s deep, trust me.  Michael knows what he’s talking about from what I can see.  Now you have someone with real chops doing heavy lifting on all these cases and issues LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® just won’t be bothered with because they’re too popular in the media already.  I’m elitist like that.  (Or was it lazy?)  But that doesn’t scare off Michael, because, you know–Beverly Hills, right?  His meat.

Here’s what I mean:

  • The Aerosmith trademark thing.  Sorry, I did that in September ’08.  Handing the baton to Michael!
  • Jersey Shore Trademark for “The Situation” May Turn Into a Priority Dispute. Okay, I know what the Jersey shore is; that’s where we went after the prom.  I’m from Jersey, after all.  I also know that a priority dispute is, because I know some trademark law.  But “The Situation”?  This is, what, from TV?   Why is Derek Jeter in that picture pointing to his navel?  Whatever–Beverly Hills, you handle it!
  • “IPad”?  Apple?  Fujitsu?  It’s all I can do not get my stable of Wintel boxes not to crash more than twice a day.  I don’t need more aggravation.  Plus I know that Windows knows if you talk about Apple too much.  It knows, it knows.  So:  Calling Michael N. Cohen!!

Add the Trademark Blog of the Mind of the Lawyer thingy to your list, by all means.  Because as you can see, I’ve got just about all I can handle going on over here.

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