I’m doing a mini-roundup of some of my blogroll friends, because I can. Looking for some of the odder entries of the week. Keeping the networking fresh. Writing, in other words, filler.

First, I said laugh “a little.” We’re talking about Canadians, after all. But now that our expectations are in properly in check, we can click Sander Gelsing’s mini-roundup of mirthful trademark applications of the northlands.

Then take a look at the Strategic Name Development blog — not Canadian but Minnesotan, which from what I gather is different entirely — and behold your brain on brands. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Also hard to bear, in a way, is Andis Kaulins’ hardworking blog, LawPundit. Andis is so comprehensive and energetic and switched on he kind of makes my hair hurt and my teeth itch. But if I suck it in, I see, I’ll learn something: He says the Europeans are about to kill each other over… copyright! I guess they tired of killing each other over God, land, succession, socialism, roses and Croatia.

You can stop laughing. A little.

By Ron Coleman

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