Columns, Tweed CourthouseBlogging is dying.

I’m involved in a jury trial, and naturally I’ve been busy preparing for it, and there’s all the stuff, and whatnot, and I don’t have so much time for new blog posts, but usually in this situation I try to find something on my blogroll to link to  and comment on.  And this would count as a blog post.

But when I go down the blogroll and click, I’m getting posts from November, even earlier, from what I thought were ongoing, quality blogs.  Not all of them.  But a lot of them.

I said it last year:  Blogging is hard.  Maybe it’s ultimately too hard, considering the rewards.

Practicing law, on the other hand…

By Ron Coleman

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7 thoughts on “Blogging, dying”
  1. Is blogging dying, or are many of the folks on your blogroll on a hiatus?

    Blogging is a hell of a lot of work, as you’ve said. It may not be sustainable for individuals over the long term. Or maybe individuals need to take a break for a while now and then.

    But I see new blogs starting all the time. Perhaps blogging is not dying, but bloggers (metaphorically) are.

  2. Starting a blog is not blogging. Keeping on blogging is blogging. Starting a blog is something you do to get the marketing director off your back.

    Anyone can “start” a blog, so of course there are new blogs all the time. And in IP blogging, if they aren’t written by professors, who of course have no interest in what lawyers say about their subject, these new blogs, well, they pretty frequently list this blog on their blogroll. And I reciprocate as soon as I realize it.

    And then they’re gone. “Start blogging” indeed.

  3. You said it: blogging is hard!

    Sure some people are making money at it, but I suspect for most, it’s just a labor of love.

    Besides, sending a tweet is so much easier, and just as likely to get a response. 😉

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