De-Branding Columbia University’s Nazi triumph

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(First posted September 24, 2007)

“If Columbia is not ashamed of the decision,” writes Justin Hart, why did it de-brand Holocaust denier / promiser Ahmadinejad of Iran at today’s controversial speech by blacking out the podium behind him, unlike the “Columbia” motif provided as a background for past Columbia speakers (see at the link)? (No information was available if their would-be Hitler program would have had the same backdrop.)

A good question, and not a difficult one. Hat tip to Instapundit.

By Ron Coleman

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One thought on “De-Branding Columbia University’s Nazi triumph”
  1. Columbia University claims they are America’s best and brightest?

    Did you see the way they applauded Ahmadenijad?

    They are just a bunch of filthy Little Eichmanns.

    Too bad that Cho Seung-hui didn’t go to Columbia University!

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