Counterfeit Chic hits the massive time

Counterfeit Chic makes it into the Wall Street Journal and discusses the outer edges of IP rent-seeking.  An excerpt from Susan’s own post-publication commentary:

I think that clothing has been a communicative medium (deliberate or incidental) from time immemorial.  A chieftan’s robes or a beggar’s rags both send a message, and so did Adam & Eve’s fig leaves.  As with other technologies, however, the last couple of centuries of industrial development have increased the expressive potential of the medium — and the opportunities for plagiarism.  And, of course, the need to consider legal intervention to protect creators from copyists. . . .

I must add that I was amused by the article’s quoting the sanctimonious concerns of copyists that legal protection might harm creative designers or the industry — talk about crocodile tears!  That line of argument says more about the speakers themselves and their use of others’ work (in any medium) than about the fashion industry….