Making a joke of the First Amendment

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Lawyers don’t do the Constitution any favor when every trifle becomes a matter of litigation — perhaps especially in lawsuits against schools over kids’ “free speech rights” over things like t-shirts. Hear the terror (link fixed!) in an appellate lawyers voice when the Seventh Circuit makes her an example. Via Overlawyered.

By Ron Coleman

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One thought on “Making a joke of the First Amendment”
  1. To me, the joke here is that Ms. Dymkar seeks as injunctive relief that there be no written record that the kids were punished. The school has already said there is no such record. But thanks to this suit, the written record is all over the Internet.

    Ah, Judge Posner just made a related point. In fact, he’s pointing out that the relief she seeks is a restriction on the First Amendment!

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