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City Hall arches
Summary judgment filing today. Trademark, copyright, unfair competition, tortious interference, declaratory judgment, the works. Three years in the making, two in litigation.

The universe leans hard upon us on days like this.

UPDATE: Put that motion to bed, and it’s looking pretty good, thank God!


Sunset from the Lipstick Building (today)

Wish me and my client luck. We’re on the side of the angels on this one… as usual.

UPDATE:  Not too shabby.

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4 thoughts on “Splendid Isolation”
  1. “Summary judgment” always seems to me to be somewhat misnamed, as it often comes at the end of a court process that has dragged on for many months or even years. “Summary” would appear to carry implications of something that happens much faster, such as the immediate judgment rendered within hours that is sometimes used in urban night courts for minor offenses (as portrayed in the sitcom “Night Court”).

  2. It doesn’t always, Dan, but yes, in a complex case it does. But compared to the preparations for trial, it’s still pretty darned summary.

    Have to go proofread the final papers now — I know you’re monitoring me, Martin!

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