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From Blogger to Broker
From Blogger to Broker

Someone say something about getting all introspective and stuff?  Well, the Drug and Device Law blog’s Mark Herrmann is, as he so curmudgeonfully puts it, outta here:

After 20 years at Jones Day, I’ve been made an offer that I can’t refuse: I’m resigning from Jones Day’s partnership at the end of December 31 to begin work as Vice President and Chief Counsel — Litigation at Aon Corporation, the world’s largest insurance brokerage, on January 1.

I thought for a while about continuing to host the blog while working at my new position, but that seems too silly for words. Am I really going to think about lawsuits involving insurance brokers by day and then come home to read (and write about) drug and device law by night? I mean, I love this stuff, but I’m not nuts. And the rewards (such as they are) of blogging in this field would be even fewer for an in-house lawyer than they are for an outside one. (And that’s slipping beneath a mighty low bar.)

I’ll also be promoting this blog from the grave, so to speak. My article, “Memoirs of a Blogger,” will appear in the Winter 2010 issue of the ABA Litigation Section’s Litigation journal. That piece shares what little we’ve learned from this experiment in blogging. (Don’t blame me for the miserable timing. I wrote the !!**!! thing in May 2008; the journal accepted it in June 2008; and it will see print only in January 2010. There’s yet another reason to prefer blogging to the traditional print media.)

Graceful exit?  I was on the fence, until this gem straight from the heart — a lawyer’s idea of a heart, that is:

As you might imagine, I’ve been reflecting on a lot of things as I’ve made the decision . . .

And the more I think about it, the less upset I am about lawsuits brought against drug and device companies.

But lawsuits brought against insurance brokers — now that’s an outrage!

*Sniff.*  That is so beautiful.  So from the — “heart.”  And you know what?  Now that I think about it… that kind of truth can really speak to everyone, can’t it?  He’s really right!  😉

Good luck, Mark!

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