... and there it went.

No, it’s not quite October 31st — that scary, creepy night when you’re so afraid of what’s out there that, if you’re LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, you close all the blinds …  lock the door…  and stay out of the house and somewhere absolutely else until at least 10:00 PM.

But yes, it is time — well past time, in fact — for that semi-occasional roundup of recent topical tweets via the official LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® Twitter account, @likely2confuse.  Which, if you’re on Twitter but you’re not following, you’re simply just not serious about this.

Oh, and also:  It is time for candy!

OK, yeah; it’s always time for candy.  So let’s go to the tweets:


Yes, I know what you’re thinking!  Who needs candy or costumes when you can get such neat, sweet tweets free?  You are! You are thinking that!

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