Mohammed Sharif, with his inimitable excitement about the whole thing, posts on his Fame Appeal blog about —

An evening at Louis Vuitton headquarters in NYC, [at which]  Michael Pantalony Esq., protector of Intellectual Property of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey Fashion Group (LVMH) stated “If you come close to copying the (Louis Vuitton) Mark you will hear from LV”

Pantalony was the keynote speaker the a CLE program held by the Fordham Fashion Law Institute, as it turns out, which I would have certainly been interested in attending if I’d known about it.  But that is blocks away from here.

Anyway, I can vouch for the sentiments:  Sooner or later you will, indeed, hear from LV — one company that has bona fide infringement problems and, from what I can tell, does not push the envelope unreasonably.  Indeed, if anything, LV counterfeiting is so ubiquitous that its enforcement program stands for the proposition that all the law in the world and all the lawyers — and good ones — can’t solve certain legal problems.

My point being, that doesn’t mean still more law, or lawyering, will do so.  To the contrary, what do they say about someone who keeps doing something over and over again and expecting different results?

That does not mean I do have a solution for LV’s problems.  I don’t.  And I have tried.

By Ron Coleman

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