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We always have this Meet the Bloggers thing at the annual INTA meeting.  I have been co-sponsoring them along with Marty Schwimmer and John Welch since Chicago in 2007.  I did bag out when INTA met in Berlin.  Pamela Chestek joined a little later.  MTB was king of co-opted one year too, so sponsorship was kind of irrelevant, but we don’t want to there. It was a cool event that year, as it happened, anyway, and it resulted in the now-immortal pic of the Amicus Twins found at right.
"Brother from another mother"
That’s how much fun you can have at Meet the Bloggers!  Let me tell you.

(Here is last year’s post, with other pics.)

So now here comes INTA 2011 a week from this Sunday in beautiful San Francisco!  And we’re doing it differently this year.  So cool.

And… I don’t exactly understand what we’re doing.  Differently.  This year.

So here’s how Marty — well, I thought it was Marty; you’ll see what I mean (hey, I’ve been wrong about him before; there were some errors in this post, for example) — explains it:

This year, Meet The Bloggers VII (or BlogFest, as Marty insists on referring to it), will have a little bit of structure, but not so much as to detract from the drinking.

First things first – the loft at SWIG BAR,  TUESDAY May 17, 8 to 10 pm, 561 Geary Street, SF.

Everyone who is a IP law blogger  (and we are using an expansive definition of the term so as to include Twitterers, folks who contribute to their law firm’s blogs, people who wear IP-related sandwich boards, people who hear IP-related voices in their heads),  should send me a link of their choosing prior to Blogfest, and a one sentence summary of their worldview.  On BlogFest day, we (will all) publish the links in what will become the de facto authoritative IP law blog directory.  AND at BlogFest, we introduce each of you to the others (and you can say a few words and then pass the mike (or megaphone)).

Send the link and blurb to schwimmer at symbol leasonellis dot com.

Sponsorship opportunities for BlogFest are handled on a strictly cash basis.

Got that?  So, yes, I thought Marty wrote that, because it’s on his blog, but then it refers to him in the third person, which no one does any more, and I didn’t even think Marty ever did that — though it wouldn’t surprise me, it’s just not a card he’s played yet as far as I know, but fine — but there it is.

I will be there of course!  But I don’t know if I’m sponsoring, as I usually do, because, as you can see, I am having some trouble with the concept.  And no one asked me for any money, really, or for that matter much else.  So I’m not looking for trouble, but I will be there!

And I will send my link to Mr. Schwimmer.  Of course!  Will you?

UPDATE:  The IP LAW BLOGDEX is up!  And now so are pics.


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